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Transport policy

Time:2017/2/18 14:54:25

For the model, Allegro, and small quantities of PCB we use the express way, for the bulk of the order we according to the customer's delivery to arrange air or sea.
Use the customer's own freight forwarding:
If the customer chooses to use his own freight forwarding, Hao Lin will contact the freight forwarding to determine the relevant transport details and costs, when the customer and the freight forwarding sides to determine the details of the transport and the cost of the case we began to produce.
Hao Lin can be shipped to the rest of the world. For hard-to-reach destinations, additional costs and longer transit times may occur. Unless there is another agreement between Rebain and the customer.
In the confirmation process of the order, if Hao Lin can not transport to the destination, will inform the customer to recommend the recommended alternative mode of transport, in a very small number of orders and has been determined and the use of transport can not be transported to the destination, State can not contact the customer's case, the Swiss will use alternative services in the same level of service to reduce the delay.
delivery time:
Allegro and small batches are shipped within 2 hours of normal working day after production. Moderate and large quantities of orders take longer. In determining the customer payment situation will update the latest delivery, Ruibang also began to produce PCB. Order delivery is expected to time there may be minor changes. Advice on high-demand customers in advance orders.
Cargo transportation time:
Transportation time (this time refers to the transport company to transport the goods of the real time), courier companies (UPS, Fedex and DHL) generally takes 2 to 4 days of working days. Air transport part of the general need 4 to 7 working days, shipping takes 12 to 30 days, air mail delivery (EMS) a need 6 to 15 working days. The transit time may change if it is difficult to reach the destination, weather, climate, or delay the clearance time and other reasons.
At the same time Hao Lin will make the greatest efforts to ensure fast transport, but Hao Lin does not guarantee any of the transport time and delivery time, nor assume the responsibility of the extension of transport. If the order has already started production and the customer is unable to catch because of the delivery and cancel the order, we can not accept it. If the customer's tough request to ensure the accuracy of delivery, we recommend early orders, especially in the season.
Total delivery time: Total delivery time = Production time + Transportation time
Production time varies depending on the order quantity, the stock condition, and the plant's production capacity.
Transportation tracking:
Most courier companies (UPS, Fedex, DHL) can find full, point-to-point detailed tracking on their website or service hotline. Airmail Express will provide all orders for basic shipping certifications and proof of arrival including the United States, Canada. For air and sea parts can be tracked by air bill of lading number or sea bill of lading number.
Shipping tracking information may not be available immediately after shipment, please check the tracking number after 12 to 24 hours.
Shipping company weight calculation:
Gross weight refers to the actual weight of the weighing, or when the volume is large, the weight is calculated from the volume. Volume weight algorithm: all cartons long * wide * high and then divided by 6000, the unit is cm.
Transport limit:
Most courier companies, air and shipping companies do not have the maximum weight limit for a single shipment. Airmail Express (EMS) limits each shipment below 20kg. More than 20kg part of the EMS will be divided into a lot of EMS packaging. Air courier shipping restrictions below 2kg each.
Express part of the courier company (Fedex, UPS, DHL) by the service mode and conditions defined by the standard insurance to insure. If the standard insurance can not contain the overall value of the goods will purchase additional insurance. When the next single air and shipping, including a variety of different insurance, please contact our salesman in detail to buy content. Airmail Express does not include insurance in the default way and can be purchased separately. A small amount of fixed insurance premiums for airlift transport USD: 30, can not be purchased separately.
Lost and damaged in transit
In the event of loss or damage in a very small number of transportation, the customer shall file a formal claim with the shipping company within 24 hours of receipt of the goods. All proofs and documents need to be retained as evidence. The transport company will investigate the claim before assessing the amount of compensation, and the customer will need to notify Rebang to help with the claim. It takes a long time for the goods to be lost in transit to investigate, and it is not necessary to apply for a refund or payment dispute because it is not a rebate. The customer needs to wait for further action after the investigation is over.

Re-delivery or delivery failed:
Fedex, UPS, DHL will try to ship up to 3 times, if the delivery or failure, the courier company will be by telephone or e-mail try to contact the recipient, if the customer is still no pickup, the goods will be returned to Ruibang, but Express costs are borne by the client.
Post Express (EMS) and airmail courier in several times by telephone mail try to contact the freight forwarding is not successful when the goods will be returned to Ruibang, some courier, especially postal courier, if not the recipient will leave the goods directly Place of receipt, if it is because of such a reason for the loss of Ruibang will not bear any responsibility. Re-delivery and return to the sender due to delivery errors will usually have a great impact on the delivery. In any of the following circumstances, lead to the extension of the time, Ruibang will not take responsibility, for example, delivery failure, the customer to provide the wrong delivery address, or other reasons not Ruibang's responsibility.
Refused to accept the goods and was returned:
Unless it is specifically stated that Ruibang does not accept the buyer or the recipient refused to accept the goods and was returned. Ruibang will not be liable if the freight forwarding is returned for any other reason for refusal to accept the goods, and the buyer shall bear all costs, including the refund.
Many countries are exempt from customs duties or tariffs on imports from certain countries. For example: toys imported from the United States from China are exempt from customs duties or taxes. Many countries for most countries to import gifts or a small amount of goods is tax-free.
Ruibang will provide basic documents and information, including invoices, packing list in the designated country for customs formalities. For small and medium quantities of goods using express delivery, Ruibang can help with customs procedures.
Ruibang will try to help customers reduce the import tax, will work with customers to meet the reasonable requirements of customers. Ruibang does not assume import duties, fees, or other taxes levied by the recipient or client country. Ruibang does not provide customers or recipients with their own country's import regulations, taxes and tariffs.
In any case, the customs clearance is the responsibility of the client, and Ruibang advises customers to consult with the customs authorities how to minimize tariffs before importing large quantities of goods to avoid any delay. If the goods are due to the customer or the recipient refused to accept the import costs, customs duties, or taxes caused by the buyer in the country was shelved or confiscated, the buyer shall bear all the costs and fines caused by this act.
Import conditions:
All the goods issued by Hao Lin in the clearance of most of the time did not produce any problems, but each country for each country's import requirements are not the same, all customers need to determine whether the goods meet the import requirements. If the customer wants a large amount of orders strongly recommended with the customs authorities to understand the details. If the goods are shelved or confiscated at the receiving party, Ruibang will inform and contact the customer / recipient or freight forwarding if it does not meet the relevant import requirements, and this is rare, and most of the After the file is resolved.

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